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Are Thick Thighs Good/Attractive? 20+ Problems Just Women With Thick Thighs May Understand

Tend To Be Thick Thighs Good/Attractive? 20+ Problems Only Women With Thick Thighs Will Most Likely Understand

picture resource: Pinterest

Today, women with thick upper thighs gradually become not debatable. Big feet you should never indicate that a person is actually overweight or unhealthy. Dense thighs may gorgeous and popular in hip-hop music videos and reality TV.

Ladies are beginning to accept their thick thighs as celebrity instances, such as for instance Lizzo exposing the woman energetic human body with thick legs at an NBA baseball game. It doesn’t matter the problem, ladies with dense thighs, tend to be winning.

However, females with thick legs encounter a lot of struggles within their daily everyday lives. Likely, you’ve got skilled a minumum of one instance in this number. These struggles are relatable to almost any girl of any get older.

Check-out these battles to see if you may have skilled any of these dense girl minutes.

20+ Problems Just Females with Thick Thighs Will Understand

These represent the 20 struggles everybody with large upper thighs discover relatable.

1. Placing baby powder/powder involving the legs to stop chafing and perspiration.

Putting the powder among your own legs is future thinking the work which will occur in between your feet. Yes, the legs may appear a bit ashy at first. However, the dust will disappear as soon as work soaks within the powder. Female dense legs have earned some dust to stop the scrubbing from switching the thighs red. No guy loves a red leg.

2. Hot weather causes it to be uneasy to wear shorts as a result of the sweat.

You opt to steer clear of the sunlight as well as heat generally since it takes a lot to make to go around. You prevent the powder; you don’t want to put-on jeans since you’ll be much more unpleasant. No real matter what, the thighs cannot make heat.

3. don’t believe about sitting on leather seating in a car with shorts on; it really is sweltering.

That is amazing your own upper thighs are burning away. It generally does not help sitting on leather seating. It is not important if the air conditioning equipment is on. Women with thick legs will have the burn!

4. Shorts will end up booty shorts, regardless the space.

Picture getting shorts that you think should be on point of fingertip; but they magically come to be shorter once you place the short pants on. These problems allow challenging to sit down, take pleasure in the summer together with your short pants operating upwards larger, and enhance the scrub you probably did n’t need.

5. Your denim jeans can tear in the middle those upper thighs.

The ceaseless scrubbing between thighs will create rips and rips you did not desire. Your own denim jeans get another care for various rubs, and you’ll likely still wear them and point out that that is how the woman with heavy legs purchased the trousers.

6. Make sure you remember the leggings/jeggings.

Due to the stretchiness and rubbing of dense female thighs, the leggings will rip more quickly. So this is a rather difficult thing for all ladies with dense legs.

7. Dresses appear quicker while wearing them.

a basic class instructor who took a photo of herself in a gown fell target for this fight. As it happens that she had dense thighs that made clothes seem shorter on her behalf human body. Clothes seemed beautiful on her, nevertheless parents believed in another way. Yet again, its a struggle.

8. You can’t sit back in a skirt.

When you sit in a dress, the top will ride up and reveal a lot more treats than your upper thighs. Clothes is certainly not a thick women’s closest friend but wearing a skirt that will be a fair duration may alleviate the experience. It’s not possible to end up being a thick upper thighs mother wearing a skirt. It mightn’t be appropriate in a few conditions. Plus, it could be extremely unpleasant.

9. the thighs don’t match your waist in trousers.

It would help if you had a belt with a lock to help keep your shorts up. Even if you purchased your trousers to match your upper thighs, your trousers cannot suit your waistline. The trousers hold dropping as you missed the tag the place you thought one-size couple of trousers was actually likely to suit any lower body.


10. Your thick legs are prone to establishing stretchmarks, dark colored marks, and cellulite.

Heavy feminine thighs are stunning, but there will continually be flaws. Cellulite, dark colored areas, and stretchmarks can form after a while. To assist relieve the existence of these imperfections, a female can wear looser clothes that will reduce the convenience and wipe oils on her behalf thighs like coconut oil and aloe vera.

11. gaining the denim jeans is definitely enjoyable.

You ever tried wearing your own trousers in a million various ways to go them past your own thighs? Heavy legs create difficult to put denim jeans on every so often.

12. Chafing can be very agonizing.

Chafing happens when the thighs scrub against both constantly. The rubbing can be uneasy after a while. To limit the number of chafing, relate to # 1 within this range of making use of baby dust in-between the upper thighs.

13. Many people will call you rude nicknames.

Nicknames are not usually from the greatest terms with some people. Folks create nicknames become cutes, others are upsetting. People have known as women with heavy feet imply epithets including rhino feet and huge ol’ yams. While some possess great intentions using these nicknames, it does not help when you are currently experiencing battles with this list.

14. Jean shopping is never enjoyable.

Think about trying to

identify some denim jeans

that can not likely suit you. You put on different pairs to walk out from the store with absolutely nothing. Ladies with dense thighs go through this strive constantly. They wish to be precious and delightful. But jeans were never designed to fit perfectly on heavy upper thighs.

15. The torn trousers leaves imprinted marks on your thighs.

Wearing distressed trousers offers an edgy aim to any ladies’ human body. The ripped parts associated with the denim jeans close to the thighs press so difficult resistant to the skin that whenever women make the jeans off, there’s nothing else but red-colored markings in the form of lines left. Besides, a thick upper thighs mommy cannot put on distressed denim jeans also. If she drives her youngsters to various locations, then jeans will consistently hit down against the woman epidermis and develop large red markings and imprints.

16. Walking past some one in a cafe or restaurant to sit down.

You want to sit-down in a booth, you end booty bumping the dining table, people, and (ideally perhaps not) someone’s meal. You intend to sit down as soon as possible without any break down of something and some body.

17. Wearing thigh-high something is actually uneasy.

Taking upwards thigh-high clothes will be the worst because it’s just like dressed in jeans that fit the legs not your waist. Now, the clothes somewhat match your legs. The constant roll down of a sock allows you to not require to wear the clothes any longer.

18. Crossing your feet under a desk or a table.

When ladies with big upper thighs cross their unique feet, they wind up unintentionally hitting their unique feet with the dining table. The success does not hurt. The actual only real component about crossing their own feet that hurts is when the entire knee cannot look at the other.

19. Your upper thighs look considerable as soon as you sit back.

As soon as you sit, your own legs get dull, which makes them look like much more inflated. A female’s upper thighs did not develop; thick epidermis goes flat if it is put on a set surface.

20. Two words – chub rub!

Chub wipe is a jargon phrase your worst experience that a woman with dense thighs. Chub wipe is when the chafing rubs difficult around the upper thighs to the stage in which your legs develop an extremely purple and prickly rash.

FAQs about Girls with Thick Thighs

photo origin: Pinterest

Are dense upper thighs ideal for ladies?

Dense legs are suited to women! The upper thighs are broad, however you tend to be an excellent person. Heavy legs dont indicate someone’s wellness. In certain cases, unwanted fat inside legs is uncontrollable, normal, and a hereditary attribute.

So why do men like dense thighs?

Dense upper thighs tend to be fluffy and feel pads. Guys can put their particular minds down and feel comfortable with all the gentle touch of a women’s skin. Some guy additionally turns out to be turned on taking a look at ladies with thick legs because they associate depth with child-bearing. Guys think that heavier women are a women to carry young ones. Finally, thick thighs provide males one thing to keep and caress.

What kind of jeans should I put on easily have actually big thighs?

Ladies with thick upper thighs can put on particular trousers feeling pretty, comfy, and relaxed. Ladies can wear straight-leg jeans because these denim jeans healthy any body shape. Merely get your feel at ease pulling these jeans up. Females with dense legs can also get sweetheart denim jeans, stretch jeans, and boot-cut trousers.


Women with dense legs tend to be attractive beings which undergo struggles not a lot of people will understand. As long as ladies like on their own and love their dense upper thighs, then they will overcome the field of chaffing, warm weather, and ripped-up denim jeans. It just takes just a bit of infant dust and selecting best jeans. Ladies may do any such thing and put on something; but a female should always be comfortable basic.

If you’ve been through these struggles, mention the encounters and just how they shaped you prefer a heavy legs’ girl. Did you develop as someone and do you learn to take whom you happened to be as a person?

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